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Hi, my friend!

So you got your first tiny spiny friend at home. I’m so glad you chose just me as your pet and I will try to be the best friend you could possibly wish for. You can cuddle with me and cradle me the whole day. The more often we are together, the sooner we will become friends.

The best place for me to live is a plastic box with wood shavings. But now they invented something new and very fine: COUNTRY MIX ECO-LITTER bedding. It’s thermally processed bedding and it doesn’t contain bacteria and doesn’t cause allergies. Try it and see! I come from Africa and therefore it’s very important for me to be warm all the time. Please be very careful about this, or else I’ll be sick. A temperature of 22 to 26°C is ideal for me. Don’t forget to buy me a house where I can hide and a few toys so that I don’t get bored when you’re at school. My favorite toy is a carousel or various climbing structures. I like to climb and escape, so you’d better equip my house with some kind of cover. I mostly sleep through the day so you needn’t be sad that you have school and various after-school activities: we will make up for it in the evenings!

You must give me fresh water every day, but be careful! Don’t give me a water dispenser, like the one from which hamsters drink, for example, because I could break my teeth. What I like best is drinking from a bowl. And what about food? In fact, it’s a science, and because I can’t talk, you can’t know exactly what is appropriate for me and what tidbits I like. But don’t worry, I have a tip for you! A couple of people from DAJANA PET invited me and my brothers and asked us what we like to eat, what we enjoy, and also what could make our tummies hurt and what we can’t eat. And do you know what the result was? A mixture for hedgehogs, thanks to which we are happy and healthy and have lots of energy to get up to all kinds of mischief. It’s called COUNTRY MIX and I swear that you can’t find anything better in the whole wide world. No, really! 🙂

 Have a great time.

Your spiny hedgehog