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Hello, my friend!

I’m so glad that you have chosen just me out of all those beautiful and cute fluffy pets. What you will probably like most about me is that I love to romp, play, and run around – this is my favorite activity. I’ll be very grateful if you let me run around the house every day for at least an hour. But be sure to hide all the wires and cables, because I would probably chew them up. I’m really a very active pet, with whom you will never be bored!

I like to live in a cage with a lot of levels. The cage should also be high enough, because I like to hop and jump up onto branches. I would like you to get me a small house made of natural materials, a few twigs from fruit trees, and especially sand for me to bathe in. Thanks to the sand baths I will always have my coat beautifully soft and thick, like I have now. I would like to have bedding made out of wood pellets. Please, do not put sawdust in the cage. I’m a bit of a devil and I would throw it all out:-)

And do you already know what you will need to feed me? It is very important to think it out properly and see what is best for me, because if my belly is not happy, I will not be cheerful and strong enough to play with you. My favorite food is the hay that I will need to have in my cage all the time just in case I get hungry. And what else? Our bellies are adapted to digest dry food, so a large amount of fruits or vegetables can cause a lot of problems to our tummies. Besides hay, we also love dried rosehips and fragrant herbs. Is that too complicated? Don’t worry! My friends from DAJANA PET were reading, rehearsing, and investigating and in particular they asked us, chinchillas, what we like to eat and do you know what they figured out? COUNTRY MIX! A mixture of the best things that you can pour into my bowl. I will savor it and recharge my batteries so that I am ready to have a good frolic again and I will be the healthiest chinchilla for miles around 🙂

I am looking forward to our fun and games! 

Your fluffy (:D) chinchilla