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Hello, my dear friend,

I guess you were yearning for a pet that is playful, cheerful, and cute … So here I am. I am glad that you have chosen just me and I believe that we will have a lot of fun together. I am a social creature and I am always full of energy. Most of all I like to play or investigate things, and therefore I think that we will fit together perfectly.

I bet you were looking forward to being with me and looking around for all sorts of information how to make my move to my new home as easy and pleasant as possible. Did you buy me a beautiful cage (or large aquarium) with a lot of rope climbing frames and twigs? In my cage, I will definitely need a special hiding place in which I can relax. This is just my place and I guard it carefully and I can be grumpy when you push your fingers in. But I do not mean to be bad. In fact I come from the steppes, where my ancestors dug holes in the sand and therefore for me a hiding place is very important. In addition to this permanent house you can put in the cage a cardboard box or tube, where I can hide, and when I get bored, I will have fun biting and chewing up the cardboard into small pieces. And then you can enjoy cleaning it up! 🙂 Do not forget that the bottom of my cage should be lined with pellets or wood shavings; sawdust irritates my beady eyes.

And what do I do for food? As I said, I come from the steppes and deserts, and therefore I am a modest pet and too much calorific food is harmful for me. Therefore, it is important that you are careful about the composition of the feed which you pour into my bowl. I like cereals, sweet-smelling alfalfa, or sunflower seeds, and bananas and apples are my favorite fruit. All of these can be found in the wild and it is a mix of the best that you can offer me. And if you do not know where or how to pick alfalfa or dry a banana? Or you are not sure what proportion the ingredients in the mixture should be in? It does not matter! DAJANA PET has already found all the information, have done tests on me and my little brothers, and made the COUNTRY MIX feed, which is very tasty for us; our bellies never hurt, we have stacks of energy for tomfoolery, and we are as fit as a fiddle!

So, I have already written you the most important thing, and now let’s have fun; I can’t wait!

Your velvety hamster 🙂