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Hello, my new friend!

My dreams are fulfilled and I finally have a new family. I had a good time with my brothers and my mother, but I believe that it will be great with you too, and we will have a lot of fun. We guinea pigs are social animals and we learn quickly. We will quickly come to love our new family and you certainly will love us, too. 🙂

I am sure you’re thinking of what kind of house I would like to live in and what I enjoy most to eat. I will tell you!

You can get a cage or plastic box for me; it depends on you, but remember that if you choose a cage, you’ll have more to clean up. When we play we make a bit of a mess and it may happen that our bedding will get scattered around the cage. Generally, you can use wood shavings, sawdust, straw, or wood pellets, but the best is COUNTRY MIX ECO LITTER bedding, because it’s thermally processed and doesn’t contain bacteria and doesn’t cause allergies either. With a plastic box you will have less to clean up but you will have to keep an eye on good ventilation so that it doesn’t get too hot in the summer. In my house, please put a bowl for food, a water dispenser, and some toys. The best for me is an ordinary climbing frame. However, I would prefer to have fun together with you 🙂

Another important thing is good food. If you accidentally fed me the wrong things, I could be sick, or my teeth could overgrow, which you do not want. I mostly like hay and meadow herbs, but I also need fiber, vitamins and many other things for a happy tummy. It isn’t easy to know how much of what I need, and what our food should be composed of, but I’ll tell you a secret! My friends from the company DAJANA PET questioned me for a long time about what food is actually good for me. What do I like and what is healthy for me? Together we explored, tested, weighed, picked herbs and dried fruits…and the result? COUNTRY MIX – the best yummies for guinea pigs! I’m already looking forward to it so please run to the store and buy some for me, because my mouth waters when I just think of it. If you find it in a store and smell it, you’ll understand why I like it so much.

Have a nice day and I’m looking forward to the goodies!

Your fluffy guinea pig 🙂