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Hi dude!

So you got me home. I’m sure you are happy as I am, and looking forward to the pile of fun we will have together. I am a smart and playful pet that is mainly active in the daytime and I am easy to tame, so I’m a perfect buddy for you. I can learn to come whenever you call me, if you train me 🙂

The best home for me is a cage, because it’s airy and I will see you better than from a terrarium. You can make my bedding of wooden shavings or wood wool, but the best bedding for me would be the COUNTRY MIX ECO-LITTER bedding. It’s thermally processed bedding and doesn’t contain bacteria and doesn’t cause allergies, either. Please don’t put sawdust in my cage; it could get in my eyes and it would hurt me. Also, don’t forget to go to a forest and find a nice branch for me, which I can climb on and chew. My favorite kind of branch is one from a hazel or oak tree. And the last important thing is a bowl of sand, which I will be able to bask in and then I will have beautiful soft fur. The sand in the bowl should be about 3 cm deep. And what do I like to chew? I like hay, vegetables, seeds, and many other things. For a human it isn’t easy to find out how much of what it should be and I can’t tell you because I can’t talk. Fortunately, my friends from DAJANA PET asked me about everything regarding my favorite food and then put together a wonderful mixture that is good for giving me a healthy tummy and beautiful hair, and I like it very much. This miracle is called COUNTRY MIX and I never ever had anything better in my bowl. Will you run to the store and then pour some into my bowl, please?  🙂

Have a nice day.

Your fluffy Degu