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Hey, dude!

So, here I am. Hurray:-) We small rats are kind, affectionate, and neat animals with whom you will have a lot of fun. If you spend some time with me every day, you will soon realize that I am a great companion. I am smart and a quick learner and I like to learn new things. You can take me out for walks – I will simply sit on your shoulder or on your neck and off we go. Isn’t that cool?

At your place you will need a cage for me. It would be best if it had more levels where I could run around and exercise. I enjoy this very much. It would be great if there were also various toys, pipes, and natural rope, which I can climb or bite. At the bottom of the cage, please put some wood shavings or a novelty: COUNTRY MIX ECO-LITTER bedding. It is thermally processed bedding which doesn’t contain bacteria and so it doesn’t cause allergies. Don’t forget to buy two bowls (preferably earthenware) and pour some water in one and some goodies in the other. And what goodies? That’s a difficult question, isn’t it? We animals can’t speak, so we can’t tell you what we would like to eat. Fortunately, there are people who understand our language – the guys from DAJANA PET. They’re my good friends and for a long time they were looking for some healthy and tasty food for us and tried to figure out what ingredients feed for rats should actually have. Their effort led to some great stuff which is called COUNTRY MIX and I can’t imagine that I’d ever eat anything else. I really enjoy this food; my tummy doesn’t ache, I have healthy teeth and a beautiful coat, so what more could you want? ­čÖé I’m looking forward to a good dinner, so run to the store and check it out, because there’s nothing better you can do for me.

Your little rat