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My dear family!

When I first saw you, I was a little sad that I would have to move away from my little brothers, and I was afraid that I would miss them. After we met, I realized how much you care about me, that you like me and want the best for me. I feel very good at your place and I am really glad that you have chosen me.

Before you got me, you certainly read a few books or articles about what it would be like to be with me. What I like. How you would bring me up. What games I like. What place I like to sleep in. Unfortunately, we, bunnies, cannot speak, and therefore it can sometimes be difficult to find out what bothers us or what we would like to have. And that is why I am writing you this letter to inform you about things you may not know yet, and that will help you to make our life as a bunny in your home even a little more beautiful.

We, fluffy bunnies, love company. When you leave us in the morning for work or school, we are sad and we do not want to be locked in a cage. If you let us, from the very beginning and for at least several hours a day, run around your apartment, we will be happier. We will always hear when you are coming back home and as soon as the key rattles in the lock, we will be waiting for you at the door and looking forward to having fun with you. We are very similar to puppies in this. On the other hand, unlike dogs, we do not sleep much at night and need to make a little fuss. We do not do it on purpose, we just cannot help doing this, and it is better to let us stay overnight in a room where we will not disturb you and you can sleep in peace. During the day, we may need some extra sleep to balance our nocturnal fooling around, but we will never refuse to play with you. A ball or a plush toy? We will always be ready to play and have fun!

And what do we like to eat? We enjoy mainly hay, but also fresh fruit or vegetables. We also like various food mixtures bought in stores. But here there is a problem. We like these things, although they are not beneficial to our health. Small children also like candy, but you do not give them too much of it, because it is not healthy. And it is the same with us…

Most mixtures in stores contain grains, beans, seeds, nuts or too much dried fruit and these ingredients are bad for us! Not only are these mixtures high in calories and we put on weight, but they can also cause the overgrowth of our teeth. Our teeth are designed to chew food, not to grind it, so when you give us these mixtures, our grinding teeth will not wear evenly and after some time our teeth will overgrow, which will hurt us. This inappropriate food also disrupts our intestinal microflora and causes us a lot of problems. Therefore, be careful about what you put in our bowl. Even healthy food can be favored by us!

The people from DAJANA spent a lot of time finding out what our food should include to be balanced and tasty for us. The result of their search is the COUNTRY MIX feed, which meets both of these conditions and ten out of ten bunnies will recommend it. I have found this for you! 🙂

Best regards

Your fluffy bunny with a happy tummy